Three April Fireworks in and around Valencia

We had barely recovered from Fallas 2023, but the following three fireworks popped up on our Pyro calendar in April, and we couldn’t resist. There were two shows in the city: a night firework at the Veles e Vent building and at the Plaza de la Reina. And the third was in nearby Cullera, where we captured a Mascletà from a different kind of view. Overall, these were three great fireworks within the course of a long weekend.

Grand April Fireworks at the Marina de Veles e Vents – Pirotecnia Vulcano

Veles e Vents Fireworks Pirotecnia Vulcano April Fireworks

We’re starting out with this spectacular firework down at the Valencia’s Marina. We were happy to arrive at the Veles e Vents building with plenty of time, as we were able to claim seats right across the shooting location. After Fallas, which had just ended, I thought we’d had enough fireworks for awhile, but we could already feel the excitement crawling back into our bodies while waiting for the show to start. We loved this firework shot by Pirotecnia Vulcano and seeing the explosions reflecting off the water added something magical to it.

A Day Trip from Valencia to Cullera for a Mascletà

Cullera Mascleta

A few days after the Marina firework there was a Mascletà scheduled (by Pirotecnia Zaragozana) in Cullera, a beach resort town south of Valencia which is easily accessible by train. We had visited a few years earlier, for a hike and a lunch, and the town itself didn’t impress us too much. But we hadn’t actually discovered that there’s an ancient part of in Cullera which has a lot of charm. We discovered it because this is where the Mascletà was set up. Immediately after arriving, we went to check out the setup of the Mascletà — the way the security barriers were arranged, we quickly understood that it would be difficult to properly capture the firework. We looked around frantically for an alternative and, seeing the Cullera hill behind us, decided to relocate. We’d film the Mascletà from further away, but from higher up to capture an unique birds-eye view.

Castell de pals at Plaza de la Reina by Pirotecnia Nadal-Martí

Castell de pals

After the Mascletà in Cullera we had lunch, then returned to Valencia on the train, where we hoped to see yet another firework on this same day. We arrived with plenty of time, which gave us the chance to inspect the setup being prepared by Pirotecnia Nadal-Martí at the new Plaza de la Reina. It looked like we’d be in for a treat, since they were setting up an old style fair firework called Castell de Pals. It was nearly as much fun watching them prepare this show, as it was to watch the fireworks get lit up. What a great and unique show at a special location. We hope they’re going to shoot more fireworks from the Plaza de la Reina in the future, it’s literally the center of the city, and having the cathedral in the background adds a lot to the experience.

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