The Gran Fira de Valencia Correfoc 2022 – Fire Parade Through The City Center

Surprise Correfoc – Imagine you’ve just arrived in Valencia for the first time. It was a long train ride, and it’s late at night. As you leave the train station, you walk straight into a Correfoc. Confused, you wonder whether you actually arrived in Valencia or accidentally got off at the station labeled “Hell”, because all you see is fire and dancing devils. But it looks like fun, so you decide to stay awhile.

Valencia Correfoc

The Correfoc has its origin from the Medieval Times

During our time in Valencia we’ve seen several Correfocs (which are also known as Cabalgatas del Fuego). But this was by far one of the biggest ones, with three participating groups. Correfoc means fire-run and has its roots from the Medieval tradition called Baile de diablos: a dance with the devil. And this is exactly what you might think when you see this parade for the first time. Devils dancing under a rain of fire.

Of course there is no devil worship going on; it’s just normal folks allowed to play with fire. And what could be evil about that? This particular Correfoc started at Calle de las Barcas right in front of the beautiful Banco de Valencia building and wound it way through the Plaza del Ayuntamiento – all the way to the Estacion del Norte, Valencia’s commuter train station.

Baile de Diabolo

The Correfoc parade is so much fun. If you’re brave enough you can run under the sparks as well, at your own risk, of course. And you can’t be surprised if you return home with little burn marks on your skin and clothes. Believe me though, it’s worth it. Follow the parade all the way to the end, where the groups pull out the big guns: fire wheels, dragons and anything else that might be able to spray fire. And of course the event ends with a fireworks display, beautifully set up right in front the old train station. Quite a way to help close out the Gran Fira de Valencia, which takes place every year in July.

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